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Spread Betting On Golf - How It Works

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Golf Betting System is around the multitude of spread betting options available on golf and how it works....used effectively, spread betting can be an incredible weapon in your golf betting armoury, so read on!

Firstly you'll need a sports spread betting account to play with - there's only 1 real option offering an excellent range of markets:

Sporting Index New Account Offer (18+, T&Cs apply)

Now that you're ready to go, here's a guide to some of the standard markets that are out there on a typical golf event. The examples are all with (the now defunct) Extrabet however the same principle applies if you use sporting2 index:

Extrabet offered a combination of spread betting, fixed odds ('normal' betting options) and binary betting on most sports and is our preference of the two. The markets we're interested in here are those with a green 's' in the column on the right hand side, as this denotes that a spread betting market is available.

Match Betting

In the example above, the match betting markets we'll focus on are the 'Round 2 Mythical 2 Balls' - these types of spread bets are typically the most popular of all. If we click into the market we are presented with a series of potential matches - the reason they are 'mythical' is that the players are actually playing in 3 balls, however they are playing in the same group so their performance is directly comparable to their playing partners.

What we're betting on here is the performance of a particular player relative to his partner(s) - Allenby, Molinari and Kim are playing a 3 ball and we can effectively choose one player to produce a better score than one or other of his partners (of your choice). The more 'correct' you are, the more you win; the more 'wrong' you are, the more you lose!

Performance in this market is judged by a 'win' - ie the player shoots a lower round than his partner - which is worth 10 points, plus 3 points for every shot won by. The price quoted is Extrabet's view of the likely outcome from which your profit/loss is calculated - in the top example they price Allenby at 3-6 points versus Molinari - this means they make Allenby the favourite. The first player named is the one you 'buy' or 'sell' - so if you think Allenby will beat Molinari you 'buy' at a price of 6; if you think Molinari will win this match you 'sell' at a price of 3.

At the end of the round the final round scores are translated into points based on the 10 for a win/3 per shot scoring mechanism and your winnings/losses are calculated accordingly based on your 'Stake' per point. The result from this match was Allenby 68, Molinari 71; this returned a point score of 19. If you had 'bought' at a stake of £10 then you'd have won £130 as their was a +13 point differential over the spread quote of 3-6.

Leaderboard index, Finishing Positions and Reduced Field markets are explained here: Golf Spread Betting Explained. Check out our tips and selections for this week's golf tournaments by following the links from the home page.

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