Over the years, many of our readers, viewers and listeners have sent us feedback and reviews which to this day continue to help shape the evolution of our website, our previews, stats, predictor model, podcast, youtube channel and social media.

If you would like to send us a comment, review or suggestion then please email us at feedback@golfbettingsystem.co.uk or leave us some words via one of our social media or podcast channels.

Here’s our pick of some of our more recent reviews and feedback:

Unequivocally the best golf betting podcast out there. Tuesday mornings are actually worth looking forward to knowing that a fresh episode from Steve, Paul, and Barry awaits. The tips are well researched and well reasoned – the lads win and lose with humility and humor. The subtle bias towards the UK players on tour always makes me laugh. Keep up the great work.

Patrick F, Canada

Hey guys, love the podcast. My wife and I commute together so she’s forced to listen to golf podcasts Monday-Wednesday. Your podcast is her favorite! Thanks a million. Keep up the excellent work.

Dan M, Massachusetts, USA

I think the predictor is a fantastic tool and only bet on golf tournaments where a predictor model exists. I like the new version, especially the new groupings and the ability to set a weighting at the grouping level and it is then applied to all the individual options in that group.

Seamus M, Ireland

Thanks for providing all the data again this year prior to tournaments. The Combi Stats in particular are so useful. Love the podcasts too.

Jonathan D, England

I’ve been listening to the podcast for about 12 months & I must say it’s the most in depth & detailed golf podcast that I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling on. I’ve my Spotify notifications on every time you come on & thoroughly enjoy it every week. I’ve had a few winners’ thanks lads. 5 stars all the way.

Baz H, Cork, Ireland

I give a lot of my success on DK to The Golf Betting System. They helped me win $7,200 back in 2019. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to course layouts, players current performances, and course history. If you want to improve your thinking strategy when it comes to betting and fantasy then give these guys a follow.

Skyler K, USA

Very knowledgable reviews, the predictor on the site is brilliant, the preview of the type of golfer on each course including the weather is invaluable. The facebook group is excellent too.

Colm O, Ireland

Greatings from the Netherlands! I have been listening to the podcast for a number of years and really enjoy the in-depth research that goes in to each and every episode. Keep em coming chaps.

Lukas R, Netherlands

Top notch tips week in and week out. From detailed course information and statistical analysis to player form and course history, the logic behind the tips is well packaged and delivered. Keep up the good work fellas, 5 stars!

Shadecaster, USA

My favorite podcast to listen to and something I look forward to every week. Incredible course detail, trends, statistics, and no one talks as much about grass as these guys. I’d give this podcast a 5 star review for the song alone.

Ben O, Seattle, USA

In a world where there is a huge amount of great golf content available Paul, Steve and Barry stand out as offering the most complete and entertaining package of stats and insight of anybody. From the incredibly detailed previews packages with well-argued tips to the excellent Podcast the boys are a must read and listen every week. Incredibly they provide all this free of charge! Heartily recommended for great golf betting analysis and lots of laughs along the way, not least at Steve’s unique pronunciations.

Ian W, England